The English Are Odd

download (1)The poems in this collection date from different times, and reflect different inspirations. The oldest poems in the collection are ‘Peking Theatre’ and ‘Some Antics’, both of which date back to the mid-1980s, when the writer, Chris Pearson,was working as an English teacher/lecturer in Beijing.

Some of them, including the two entitled ‘The English are Odd’ are quite recent; the Christmas poems are also hot off the press. A few of them, such as ‘The Human Biology Exam’ and ‘The Cricket Box’, tell stories. ‘We Call It the Great War’ was written to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the start of World War I.

Some of the poems are meant to be funny. Others are more serious. One or two, such as ‘Exile’, are sad and funny at the same time. They are an odd mixture, but everyone who reads the book will find something to appeal to them.

You can buy The English are Odd here.


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