The Rekhaz

Beth, Matthew and Luke live a hundred kilometres or so inland from the coast of the Arabian Gulf, in an oasis town dominated by a craggy mountain called Jebel Lafeet. Unknown to them, Asheraj, a vast dragon-like creature has been encased in the mountain for aeons, clutching in her claws a pebble-like object called a Rehkaz.

This is one half of a fearsome weapon that she has been appointed to guard, but the Rekhaz has slipped out of her grasp. The other half of the weapon lies buried in a layer of volcanic rock in Cappadocia in Turkey.

The Rekhaz’ one aim is to unite and destroy the world to which it has been banished. The one that has escaped starts to seek out ways to bring about union – and destruction. It begins by giving Matthew the power of flight. The little stone he finds has magical properties. If he holds it tight he can fly. He thinks it is wonderful, but the Rekhaz knows exactly where it wants him to go..

You can buy The Rekhaz here.


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