Children’s Books

The Rekhaz was the first book I wrote. It was inspired by Jebel Hafeet, a rocky outcropon the edge of the Empty Quarter, and overlooking Al Ain, where I was working in the University. My three children played the main parts, and between them they managed to save the world from being destroyed sucked into a Black Hole. The story begins in Arabia, and finishes in Turkey. (Specifically in Cappadocia, in the centre of Anatolia, where there are underground cities, seven or eight floors deep.) Arguably the main character is a huge (and I mean really huge) Dragon-like creature who has been interred under the mountain for untold millennia. She’s the Guardian of a massively destructive weapon, which had been buried on Earth so that it could never be used again.


My second book (The Object of Our Attention) is much more ambitious – being a sort of pseudo-religious fantasy,and the main characters are all or almost all aliens. (Most of these aliens are better known to us these days as elves, dwarves and fairies.)

The basic idea of the book is that an evil Entity (^a.k.a. the devil), fleeing at the end of a huge intra-galactic war, has been trapped in the core of our planet, where his recovery and development has been observed from a base set up for that purpose on a moon of Jupiter.over the millennia, the base has become a centre of learning, and the Earth has become the object of academic enquiry, with creatures from all over the galaxy vying for places on the base. They all believe that there is a plan to destroy the Entity, but they do not know what it is or how it will work.They observe with growing trepidation the growing strength of the Entity, and a messenger is sent to Earth to try to  influence events. Things to not work out quite as they had expected


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