Afraid and in danger

(Well past) Time I let a new bit of bloggery out into the wild.

33 is coming, so it’s the season for me to be a bit controversial. l wrote this a few years ago. It’s not your usual carol. Sing it to the tune of ‘A6way in a manger’.


Afraid and in dangerAfraid and in danger

His life full of dread

The newly born infant

Lays down his sweet head.

The drones in the bright sky

Look down where he hides.

They spy on the grown ups

And children besides.

The sirens are sounding

The baby awakes,

His mother enfolds himggv

No crying he makes.

She fears that his cries may

Bring incoming fire.

She keeps both their heads down

While rockets fly higher.

Be near your sweet baby

I urge you to stay

His hopes of surviving

Get less every day.

Bless all the dear children

At risk everywhere

Don’t take them to heaven

We want them down here.



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